Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Robot Unicorn Attack: Christmas Edition

Get into the holiday spirit by giving Adult swim another .99 cents this holiday season.

If you've played the previous versions of Robot Unicorn Attack (regular and heavy metal), then Gameplay won't be different, this is just a festive skin for Christmas. If you haven't played it, its one of the weirdest, yet most addictive games I've played in the Run genre. You run through a randomly generated level accumulating extra points by getting gifts and dashing through the snow...flakes that act as this versions fairies and stars.

Like the other 2 games it's addicting so you do spend a good amount of time while playing.

The graphics are the biggest difference between the 3 versions. Since this one is a christmas theme, you'll find yourself dashing through the snow in the moonlight. Surprisingly the unicorn also looks different sporting a sweater and antlers.

Controls are very easy, left button is to jump and double jump while you use the right button to dash. You could also switch to gestures and tap to jump while swiping to dash.

Instead of openfeint for achievements and leaderboards you have Gamecenter support for this game. Unfortunately there is no facebook button so if you like to spam your score you won't be able to here.

Overall its a nice version of the same game we've played and have come to love, but it lost me with this versions song. I know its Christmas and all, but the song just didn't work in my opinion, 4/5 for that, Still a fun game no matter what version you play, get into the holiday spirit for only .99 cents!

Robot Unicorn Attack Christmas Edition - [adult swim]


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